Update: Virus Alert

Name: W32.Arpiframe
The virus runs on your computer and infects others on the same network as you. One way to know if you are infected is that your internet will stop working. The second is your computer might toggle (discount. reconnect. discount) networks.

Detailed: When an infected computer (Bot1) is on the same network as you, that computer will try to infect other computers (usar1) by a couple of methods.
1. Redirect you to a malware webpage
2. Can attach itself to downloaded files
1. Microsoft Updates
2. Anti-virus Updates
3. Scan every file you download (most Anti-viruses do this)
4. Change network setting to Public
5. Change http to https on sites that support it
6. Do not accept unknown certificate from https sites
Other things to be aware of
The method the virus uses to spread itself is Arp spoofing the default gateway (routes traffic). Arp spoofing allows infected computers to steal login information. So it is recommended that you go to all (https) sites if available.
If you think you have the virus please turn of your internet and do not try to connect to the wireless networks. This will help minimize the spread and see a technician right away.

We will have windows updates ready for you to download at musicnow.dyndns.org under (Update Folder).

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