Solution to Upgrading C: Drive

Many people run into a problem when upgrading there C: Drive. They end up having to do a clean install. Here is the solution you’ve been searching the inter-webs for. Of course there is probably another way to upgrade your C: drive but for those smart batch that made a error here is how to fix it.

1. Original Hard drive. Make Backup image

2. Restored image to new hard drive. Insert hard drive and remember new drive letter.

3. Change drive letter of C: to whatever.

4. Change new drive to C: “Oo no error” can’t do that.

5. Restart computer, In Bois: change boot device if old hard drive is still there. Windows Loads, Cobalt Screen. Noting loads. So here is the solution.

6. Ctrl+Alt+Del , Task Manager. File New Task: regedit.exe. or browse location of regedit.exe if it can’t find it.

7. Locate: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices , Look for the new drive letter. and open the /Dos/Device/”Drive Letter”. Modify change the letter in front the S to C and press ok “Or look at the C:/ hex data and copy it over to be safe” . When you do so 2 hex numbers will also change.

8. Restart and now your done.

9. Let me know if it worked for you.


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