Dual Boot Windows 8 Developer Preview and Mac OSX

This will make windows 8 bootloader give you the option to boot into windows 8 or Hackintosh. If you have any questions, comment below.

After spending hours here is how I got it to work.
1.) IBooty
1) Retail OSX
3.) Format HDD GUID, 2Partition, 1Macosx , 2Msdos
4.)Reboot into Windows 7 and install it to partition. If it doesn’t allow follow the hint steps.

Hint: Press Shift+F10, type: diskpart, select disk 0, select partition 3, format fs=ntfs quick, active, assign d, exit.
5.) After installing windows 7, upgrade to windows 8.
6.)Install Easy BCD, Add Macosx Entry(choose mbr)
very important
If you add ‘NST Mac OS X’ and the bootloader file starts with an ‘A’. Then delete it and add it again. It should be nst_mac.mbr
7.)Boot iBooty, Install Retail OSX, Install Multibeast
9.)Open Terminal in OSX
Resource below from insanelymac.com

A.) Determine which disk your MSData/Win8 partition is on

Type diskutil list

Verify which disk number holds your partition (disk0, disk1, etc.)

B.) Assuming the MSData disk is the first disk (“disk0”), then
type fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0

Ignore the error “fdisk: could not open MBR file …”

C.) Determine which partition for Windows8 needs to be set “Active”

Type p

Verify which partition is for Windows 8/Ms Data (1, 2, 3, etc.)

D.) Type: Active
Type: f 1 Type write

Type y

Type exit (to quit)

10.) Your Done, Comment if this helped or you need further assistance.

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