The Boys Season 2

September 8, 2020 Paul Obe 0

First Impresions I’m not sure if you were notified that one of the best superhero shows came back for a second season. Just at the […]

13 Reasons Why

June 7, 2020 Paul Obe 0

The Overview Season 1 When you watch something so twisted, so half given. Leaning on the edge of a breaking cliff. You know those shows […]

Normal People

May 25, 2020 Paul Obe 0

The Overview The review of the Hulu Show Normal People, its actual sarcastic naming for something that’s not so normal. Maybe it’s a bit hard […]

The Letter for the King

April 12, 2020 Paul Obe 0

Initial Take: There is this Netflix series, called “The Letter for the King”, Lets start with the main characters, a young lad Tiuri whois back […]