Fastcomet Name Server

I was working with a client and found a very affordable hosting platform. Fastcomet. The client had their domain on godaddy and just renewed it for 2 years. The main two issues I ran into are, even though fastcomet says the domain name is free for life, it doesn’t provide that to transferred domains until they are renewed. So the customer would have to pay $13 dollars. I then decided to keep the domain on godaddy until 15 days before it expires.

Pointing the domain from godaddy to fastcomet. I’ve done this a number of times before for other hosting platforms but had the hardest time finding the name servers for fastcomet. I searched everywhere and then stumbled upon it on the home screen. It required, pressing the blue “i” button. Only then did it show me the ns1 and ns2. The cpanel will show the subdomain of the name server. So you can actually figure it out with this information. Or get it from the site. ns1.nw?.fastcomet & ns2.nw?.fastcomet.

Click on Home and then the “i” button.

Summary: To acquire the name server (ns server) for fastcomet. Go to Home Screen after logging in. Under Active Products > press “i” button > copy the ns information needed to point your domain name to fastcomet.

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