Ticket Scams on Facebook

One of those posts I wish you find before sending money to people on the internet. I’ll add more details later. If your purchasing a tickets from someone online (facebook), meet in person.

Red Flags:

Send the payment to the PayPal address [email protected] through the family and friends option [email protected] .

Your buying a product (tickets), so it should be a product not friends and family. You want buyers protection if your using paypal. As far as Apple Pay, CashApp, Venmo and others. You’ll just have to call your bank.

Red Flags 2:

Multiple names on facebook account. Name not matching email or payment name.

After Actions:

So you’ve been scammed, what do you do?

1.) Call your bank, Report it. (not all transaction will be reversible)

2.) Report to Law Enforcement

3.) If paypal or any payment transfer application were used, report that account as a scam seller or fraudulent account.

4.) If you provided any personal information, like accepting a scam account friends request, block the account from access. You don’t want them to social engineer your friends and family.

Other Great Reads While I figure out the best way to notify people, consolidated victim list.

To be continued…..