The Letter for the King

Initial Take:

There is this Netflix series, called “The Letter for the King”, Lets start with the main characters, a young lad Tiuri whois back story never gets explain. Its always, his the last son of blah blah blah. What I think is they had two writers, one had a original idea. Got fired or left, because no one wanted another white knight saves girl. In this case Tiuri is mixed complexion, so they get 1 check mark. They had 2 romantic scenes excluding the swimming with your lover. One straight and one gay. Let’s get back to this review. It was a runescape quest that got turned into 1 season. Could they have done a better job structuring this show? Yes, I feel they dropped you in the middle of this strange “lord of the Rings” world. Is it like “lord of the Rings”, no more like Camelot. Why was Tiuri worried about delivering the message on time, but then they make it just in time. If a basketball player makes it late to his game just before it starts, does he get to play. Probably not. As for the last 2 esp, it was confusing. Maybe my eyes where lying to me but, it looked like the princess was evil. The box and items the villain whois name you’ll have to research. Second item was other gifted individuals. They said something about a northern mage. No mage showed up in the series. Okay enough with the critics, let talk about what I did like. The show drew you in, you wanted to see what Tiuri was going to learn. Everyone’s expectation of him was low and then super high. Tiuri learned to sword fight in the monastery but after that esp he still suckes at it. In conclusion, they might do a second season, my bet is no. They would have to do a pre-sequel to properly tell the story. If his not the son of the Shaman, then who is, is Lavinia the last daughter. The shows was all over the place, I know I’m still hating on it, it felt that one writer started it and dropped off. The effects where okay. Character build up was okay. I’m saying everything was okay until the end because I actually watch all the esps, if I hated it, I would have stopped at esp3. I didn’t like they randomly hooked up the two lads. That was just terribly random. Reminds me of anime scenes that would never happen in any distant or parallel reality.

In Conclusion:

I recommend this, well if your a teen looking for an adventure then its right for you. Older than 20years of age, there are better shows to spend your time on.