Normal People

The Overview

The review of the Hulu Show Normal People, its actual sarcastic naming for something that’s not so normal. Maybe it’s a bit hard to realistically visualize its existence. Warning, when they label this show MA, it is truly MA. More than HBOs sex scene requirements. I would say most of it fit the scene. Wasn’t just random sex but a little too much. Let head over to the review.


The Plot, ummm, if you don’t want to tear up then don’t watch it. The ending makes you feel as if you wasted your emotional empathy. For one, it is a up and down roller coaster. As you try to support both characters and sometimes you want to yell into your screen, just talk dam it. You have two high school sweethearts that find each other, but he does not think people would accept him if they knew they were together. They have a hard time opening and communicating. Basically, a drama where two people are destined for each other and make choices to always separate knowing they need each other. Does not make much sense. You can say it’s a love toxic relationship. Can you say too much love is bad in a relationship. Well if you agree with that statement, that basically the show.


The acting and script where great. A number of times, I just didn’t understand what they were trying to portray to the viewers. It’s hard enough to read people’s mind in real life, harder to do it through a screen.