13 Reasons Why

The Overview

Season 1

When you watch something so twisted, so half given. Leaning on the edge of a breaking cliff. You know those shows you want to scream at your screen telling the main character to do something different but in this show you can’t. They have a great narration, specific facial marking to determine if its a past or present event. Closer to the end of Season 1, the emotions intensified.I would have written a longer review but the episodes were to engaging. You wanted to know the whole story faster than they can tell you. If you have a strong empathetic character, hopefully you hold on to the best and not the worst. With every high their are lows. The key takeaway is to remember that everyone is dealing with something, no matter what, be nice, be kind, seek-out those that are in need. Asking or expressing your concern can be the tipping the scale. I’m not a medical profession, this doesn’t always work. Talk to a medical professional if you need help @1-800-273-8255.

Season 2

It starts of intensive, a real life trail. False memories, real memories. Its not as addicting as the first season. At one point I wanted to fast forward the slow scenes. Closer to the end, puzzles were laid out, questions where answered. What makes this better than most shows is after the conclusion, they give you a little rope to hold onto, something to look forward too. They attack your emotion, they make you love and hate the victim. For a slit second you don’t know who to believe. Some scenes you want to happen, you wait for it and it never falls into your hand. The show does a great job of posting links for those that need help. After the 11th episode, I was even tempted to checkout the website. I don’t need help, just pointing out, this show might actually help some people that are dealing with depression, loneliness, suicide.