SimpliSafe Gen2 (2020)


Everything was top notch, they called any time my alarm went off even for 1 sec, my phone was ringing. I could always understand the incident response agent, no language barriers. 

New Customers

Tips to Customers going forward with Simplisafe. They will always have deals, you should get a free indoor camera. If not give them a call. And ask for one.  

Review of SimpliSafe (SS)

Overall: 4/5

This product was built well. Has high quality magnets, when I moved over to Ring Security. Ended up using some of Simplisafe magnets, they provide more distance for the door sensors.

I’ve owned SS for almost 3 years. The one feature that influenced my decision to switch was the remote, arm and disarm feature. That’s all I wanted and I didn’t mind paying $5 more than Ring Security. SS did offer that feature but that would increase your monthly to $24 a month. Ring provides that within the $10/month. So you can see why I switched over.

SimpliSafe System 

Ring Security System

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