Asus P6T Deluxe – Macrium Reflect

I wanted to document this so if it helps you, leave a comment. Computer won’t boot, or boots not displaying/showing anything on the screen.

Steps I did to finally get the machine working again.

  1. cleaned out all the dust in the system. <- Did not fix it.
  2. reset the bios <- Now the screen shows, but the computer did not boot.
  3. Windows was stuck at the post screen(logo)
  4. Possible solution <- Disable VT-d and reboot, and press enter to try again.
  5. If that fixes your problem your good to go, if not keep on reading.

I ended up booting a reflect rescue disk to restore from a recent backup. During this process I would allows get stuck at windows logo. I switched back and forth from IDE to AHCI. IDE seem to give me less problems. Once I disabled VT-d it worked. Thank you internet, User AirPower4ever @

That users post on VT-d saved me so much time. Not that I didn’t spend a bunch of time thinking MBR and the board not supporting uefi. Tons of theory where being through since backups didn’t seem to be working, but they do.