Sprint 2021 Movies/TV Shows

It’s been a while since I wrote a review, so take it easy. With the pandemic I’ve been able to be non productive by watch movies and tv shows. Let me save you some time with your selection.

No spoiler, can’t guarantee it.

This movie Awake was interesting. Why so, they don’t cover the big picture. This is more of a scientific educational documentary. What happens when you stay awake for a very long time.

Was this a high quality movie for Netflix? ummm maybe not, but it would be great as a tv series. You know some movies should be shows and vice versa. The movie needed more time to expand on the situation. 

Lets Conclude this: If you need to pass time add it to your list but I don’t recommend it in the long run. If there is a part 2 hopefully that will clear up a majority of  the questions you’ll run into.

List of Movies that will be reviewed:

The Scottish Play: Time Waster

Secret of a Gold Digger Killer: A Lifetime Movie

Just Another Dream: umm low budget, time waster

Security: Time Waster

Rurouni Kenshin..The Final: Watch

A Perfect Enemy: Still don’t understand what I just watched

Instinct (2019): Umm interesting. not sure

Soccer Mom Madam: want to start a business

Miranda Veil: Small Budget, time sucker

Infinite: Recommend

Wicked (The Wicked Trilogy): Recommend